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Living a life of oppression from those who choose to harm you either physically or emotionally is demoralizing. This show addresses those issues by talking with those who have been oppressed with empathy, but at the same time offering solutions. In addition, I connect with experts on the issue of bullying to get their insights. I provide a safe haven for those who have lost hope and to tell you that your self-worth is only limited by the boundaries you set upon yourself.

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As a former editor of a national magazine and freelance writer for several other magazines, I have written a dramatic heartfelt, and impactful book a “Bullied Teen’s Journey of Hope”.

The book depicts the life of an oppressed teen who grows weary of being bullied all the time. Running away to an unfamiliar town, the teen discovers many life-altering events from the townspeople that will directly affect how he lives his life. Being exposed to these five core values, sacrifice, integrity, responsibility, respect, and courage, he grows self-confidence.

My first book follows Curt Delaville a man who had it all. To outsiders, he’s a successful insurance executive at the top of his game. But looks can be deceiving, because behind closed doors,

Curt is a domineering husband and father. But when his ordered life comes crashing down after developing amnesia from a blow to his head, Curt realizes he has not only lost control of his life, he can’t remember what his life was like before his injury stripped him of who and what he was. Will he return to the life he lost and the man he was, or is he willing to lose it all in his search for redemption? This riches-to rags-to-redemption story shows how precious life is, and how one wrong turn can change your life forever.

Speaking Engagements

Online or In-Person

As an anti-bullying advocate, when I speak to kids and young adults, I focus on what it takes to build up their self confidence by living by these five core values: sacrifice, integrity, respect, responsibility and courage. Doing so empowers them to refuse to be oppressed and take control of their lives. If you want to hear compassion and passion, I’d love to speak to any school, church or organization.  

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what a few of my
GuestS are saying…

“Tom is a great interviewer. He is prepared and organized with professionalism second to none, and empathy for all of our stories.”

Suzi D.

It is inspiring and intriguing, as well as impressive to listen as Tom drills down to the core of the issue at hand, while at the same time casting a spell over his guests, which compels them to open their hearts to him and for all who listen.

Beth T.

Life Without Limits” provides a platform for important conversation that people usually shy away from because they’re uncomfortable.

Heather R.

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